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Who We Are...

We bring talented, creative, skilled, and experienced people to make your project successful

The right team makes success possible. We don’t know all the answers and we know that we can’t solve every problem on our own. There will be some challenges that require us to find strategic partners to achieve the best solution. Our organization values collaboration. We recognize the skills and capabilities of other companies, and are committed to providing the strongest team and best solution to our customers. First and foremost, we are trusted advisors for our customers, providing honest, accurate, and effective advice for their technology needs, even when the best answer comes from someone else.

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What We Do...

We build software in all flavors, shapes, and sizes for a wide range of industries, from start-ups to the enterprise, both commercial and government.

While we do not take on every project, we never shy away from a challenge and have significant experience working on complex, large-scale solutions. We are committed to being technology agnostic. Our solutions use the right technologies to provide the best product with the best chance of success. One of our core philosophies is that any technology solution will only be successful if people can—and want—to use it. All software should aspire to be intuitive, efficient, and effective, which we believe requires dedication to the user experience. We believe in agile, iterative development with active end-user participation, testing, and feedback. For us, the primary measurement of success for a product is when people use it. Our goal is 100% user adoption, 100% task success rate, and 100% user satisfaction.

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Advanced Search and Big Data Transformation

We belive in truly open software solutions. At the heart of our engineering  ethos  is the ability to free the analyst from data manipulation and transormation. These tasks, when undertaken manually, rob the analyst of critical time to complete the true job. At Creative Radicals it is our mission to automate those tasks and make sense of the senseless. If you have data we can geographically organize, extract    ( to include newly identified entities) and organize it to make your analytical workflow more productive - no matter what your needs are. In addition to making  newly queriable data useful, we make it portable - providing API’s, SDKs and user defined export capabilities.

Real-time, Secure Collaberation, Overwatch and Asset Management

Our Products enable your team in the field. Users can stream updates over secure, encrypted connections that work on any cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite network in the world. Updates can include pictures, videos, notes, audio, check-ins and more. Simultaneously, managers can remotely collaborate and share the collected information. User tracking with integrated panic and duress modes keeps watch over your team and ensures the assets safety. 

Custom Application Development and Solutioning

Creative Radicals offers a full spectrum of Application Development and Software Engineering services to our customers. Additionaly, entrepreneurship is at the heart of our organization. Product ideas are constantly emerging from our engineering teams, and we encourage them to pursue their great ideas. It is hard to advise and help entrepreneurs if you haven’t worked on bringing your own ideas to the world. Often times, we will sponsor or fund these new products as international research and development, to the ultimate benifit of our customers.

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